Babaji attributes all his spiritual abilities to his Sadguru – Brahmrishi Shri Devaraha Babaji – who left his gross physical body in June 1990. Babaji says that his Sadguru is very much present in a fully conscious form everywhere but specially in Vindhyachal Ashram in subtle form and regulates / organizes all activities in Ashram. Hans Babaji says that only Devaraha Babaji – his Sadguru – directs and organizes all important activities in an invisible form, but devotees and visitors attribute all these results to Hans Babaji. Brahmrishi Shri Devaraha Babaji has been described as ageless yogi and he continues to work as ageless yogi through the body of his ablest Shishya – Brahmvetta Shri Devaraha Hans Babaji.

Brahmrishi Shri Devaraha Babaji and series of his Sadgurus, had chosen Vindhyachal Ashram as their main karambhumi. Devaraha Babaji had told Hans Babaji that Vindhyachal shall emerge as the highest center of spiritual yoga (union of soul with ultimate spirit) in the whole world, in foreseeable future.  The place where Babaji’s Ashram is located i.e. Vindhyachal & Asthbhuja hills, is the secret place form where humanity had started its journey.  It is mentioned in the 4th Adhyay of 6th Skand of Shrimadbhagwat, that in response to a secret prayer ‘Hans Guhya’ made by Daksha Prajapati to the God, he was granted capability of biological procreation (Maithili Srishti) in place of mental procreation (Mannsi Srishti) and from then onward human population started expanding, from this place. This place has got mystic and deep spiritual powers and creativity and penances/meditation done here sincerely is rewarded with Siddhis (spiritual powers) of various kinds to the Saadhak (Devotee).

Babaji attaches highest importance to Sadguru. This is consistent with considerable content and experience of Rishís reflected in our Hindu Scriptures. In Gurugeéta which is a part of Skandpuran, Lord Shiva tells Goddess Parvati that a Sadguru is more important and venerable as compared to God. This is so as Guru Tatwa and Sadguru only are instrumental in uniting a soul with Parmatma. Babaji says that biggest Parmarth is to attach a soul to the Brahm from whom it got detached and has been moving around in various yonis (formats) since time immemorial. For getting full import of Sadguru, readers should read Gurugeeta in original as well as sayings of great saints like Kabir, Tusidas etc., as well as many other scriptures.

One of the main themes of Babaji’s Ashram is service to the cow. Babaji says this enables persons to achieve all the four major Purusharthas (Goals) of life i.e. Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksha. It is covered in a separate section in this website.

Yogic and other activities done by Babaji are only for Parmarth i.e. welfare of entire humanity in general and Bhartiya Society in particular. Babaji’s personality covers all aspects of human and other existence and is so vast that it can’t be captured in a small write-up like this and that too from an ignorant person like me