Sri Ram Janma Bhumi Poojan!

Brahmaleen Maharishi Shri Devaraha Babaji had taken a resolve & blessed Bharatvarsh for the construction of a grand Bhagwan Ram Mandir at the Janmbhoomi sthal in Ayodhya way back in 1980s. His prophecy was that the Mandir would be constructed with the consensus of all communities in a peaceful, lawful manner. His Adhyatmik successor Brahmvetta Shri Devaraha Hans Baba, in his Para Vani in March 1992 after Bade Baba took Samadhi, had categorically declared that through his divine vision he had seen existence of the Mandir below the dilapidated structure and the Samaj will also see it sooner or later.

The High Court of Uttar Pradesh was divinely inspired to order ASI to find out the archaeological evidence in 1997. ASI confirmed the existence of the Mandir & High court recognised the presence of a Mandir below the site in 2010. All VHP & RSS leaders have been seeking blessings of Babaji (Brahmrishi Shri Devaraha Babaji & Brahmvetta Shri Devaraha Hans Baba ji all along on the issue of Ramjanabhumi since 1980s.

As the resolution of Devaraha Babaji has materialised with the invocation of Adhyatmik Shakti of Bhagwan Hanumanji, Brahmvetta Shri Devaraha Hans Baba ji through his trust based in Vindhyachal, UP has organised offering of 1,25,000 besan laddos as Mahaprasad for Bhagwan Ram & Hanumanji at the site of Janambhumi & Ram Mandir on August 5, 2020, as a gratitude to Hanumanji for organising this major decision that has paved the way for peaceful construction of Ram Mandir. This Mahaprasad will be distributed all over Bharat.

Babaji’s prophecy is that Akhand Bharat will most certainly emerge along with globalisation of Sanatan Dharma & recognition to Bharatvarsh as the Adhyatmik Vishwaguru.

People should understand that with Bhumi Pujan at Ayodhya , the foundation is also being laid for Akhand Bharat. Most promising prophecy for a very bright future for Bharatvarsh & emerging Akhand Bharat, as being made by Devaraha Hans Baba ji are extremely vital for the country.

For any further queries, you can contact AK Saxena (in Ayodhya till August 8) at the following phone numbers:
7906103231 & 9999535099

We are sharing details of Bank account of the trust for making requisite donation for this purpose as under:

Brahmvetta Shri Devaraha Hans Baba Trust
A/C no. 119010100196345
Axis Bank , Vasant Kunj
New Delhi
IFSC UTIB0000119

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